A fresh and easy approach to IP.


Welcome to MacLean IP.

MacLean IP is a boutique Intellectual Property firm located in the heart of Perth's Court precinct established by Trade Mark Attorney and Lawyer, Alisha Maharaj-MacLean. Our aim is to provide a fresh and easy approach to Intellectual Property, that is tailored to your needs, easy to understand and cost effective. 


Break it down for me... What is IP?


More than just © ™ ® symbols.

The long and short of it is IP refers to the intangible property rights that result from your ingenuity. The core IP rights that you are probably aware of are copyright, patents and trade marks. But did you know you can also protect and commercialise designs, plant breeder rights, circuit layouts and confidential information.

What can be protected?

The obvious (logos) and the not-so-obvious (blogs) can be protected. To give you an idea, here is a short list of things that commonly come across our desk.

  • Words, slogans and symbols

  • Company names

  • Logos

  • Images

  • Music

  • Websites

  • Designs

  • Trade secrets

  • Blogs

If there is anything you can do to help your business grow, it is to engage in a good brand protection strategy. And this strategy includes an IP strategy which adds to your brand’s value. 


Now, let us help you.



Our aim is to ensure that your IP is protected and only you are able to monopolise it.  

Preparation and protection of your IP are the first steps into commercialising your idea. We are Trade Mark Attorneys and Lawyers, so we can help you in each stage of the IP process, starting with preparing (registration) and finishing with protecting your ideas (issuing cease and desist notices and litigation).


In the end it is all about keeping the ideas yours and monopolising your brand value. Whilst we can’t help you come up with the ideas, we can definitely help you with the following:

·       Licensing Agreements

·       Copyright

·       Design

·       Trade marks

·       Dispute Resolution

·       Confidential Information and Trade Secrets

·       Commercialisation

·       Startups and Incubators

·       Contracts for the assignment or sale of IP

·       Advice to researchers engaged in University incubator labs

So, whether you are a startup or already well established, an individual or a company of 1 or 50, we are here to help you with your IP needs. 

We know you can google and no doubt are very good at it. So to save you some 'google' time check out our FAQ.