Q. I am a start-up. is iP IMPORTANT FOR ME TO CONSIDER?

A. Yes. Whilst you have a lot on your plate and a lot to consider with starting up your business venture, protecting your assets is certainly up there with things to consider when establishing a viable business. Whether you are a tech startup or establishing a blog, and regardless of which industry you are operating in, protecting your work and your brand will always be relevant.

IP is important not only from a protection point of view, but definitely from a commercial perspective. Afterall, you can only monopolise what others cannot have free access to. We are here to protect your investment and help you commercialise the IP you create. 


Q. I'm a very small business, does IP actually affect me?

A. In small business you not only use IP but you also create it in your day to day operations. The IP you create can then be protected, managed and utilised to produce commercial outcomes. Therefore, IP is important not only from a protection point, but definitely from a commercial perspective. We are here to protect your investment and help you make money out of the IP you create.


Q. Is my IP an asset?

A. Your IP is an asset.  There are many ways that you can capitalise on your IP assets including using them as collateral.   


q. How do I register my copyright?

A. Copyright is an automatic protection for all artistic works in Australia.  Whilst there is no need to register your copyright it is important to protect and defend it against infringement. 

Q. When is copyright infringed?

A. Copyright is infringed when works which are copyrighted are used without permission of the copyright owner. There are limited circumstances where copyrighted material may be used without permission, such as a book review which contains an excerpt the text being reviewed and attributes it to the original author.


q. my copyright is infringed. What do I do?

A. Please contact us if you think your copyright has been infringed. We have experience in dispute resolution in this area. As long as you take action within 6 years from the date of the infringement, we can help you through obtaining legal remedies to stop the use of your copyrighted material by the infringing party.



A. MacLean IP covers all areas of IP with the exception of patent applications or specifications.